Meet The Team

Beans Hart

Owner and Dreamer

Jamie Harling

Culinary Director

Brit Hart


Jade Hart

Catering Coordinator

Marco Manna


Blade Hart

The Energy and Art guy


We are Hart Healthy Food. Created with a rebellious dream: The Hart Family is determined to make healthy eating... cool. Inspired by family and built by family, we use locally sourced, high quality, sustainable ingredients and best of all, we put all our energy into giving our customers the experience of a lifetime. Let us share our story with you, I promise you it's a wild one. We want to use our restaurant as a platform to show you that healthy eating can be convenient without sacrifice to your palate.


Come join the family. 


We are food people - just like you. We focus on creating delicious, healthy, prepared meals for you to grab on the go or sit and enjoy with us. We want to bring Calgarians something they can stand behind while helping them reach their optimal health goals - but with explosive flavors. We're not your conventional health food restaurant - we serve beer, we grow our own herbs in our cultivator, and our dishes are designed to be different. This is Calgary's newest alternative approach to healthy eating, it's inspired by family and when you come to HHF we want you to feel like family too.


We offer will be offering classes, private events, catering options and educational tools so our customers can leave feeling inspired, with full bellies and open minds. Our focus is our customers ~ YOU are the driving force and your happiness is our happiness. At Hart Healthy Food it was essential that we support local suppliers & local partners. We are all proud Canadians & Calgarians. We know this province and country is extremely rich in produce and agriculture... so why not use what we have? We are strong advocates of social stewardship with a focus on the environment and work with a variety of charities. We love being a part of this city - all we want is to be able to give something back! We strive for excellence in everything we do...some might even call us "The Excellence of Execution". So please if your experience is anything less than great, share it with us - we will make it right.


Stay tuned for menu and project updates and make sure to follow us on Instagram for details on our October 2019 opening! 

Because food brings people together. It unites people. It brings laughter, tears, love and happiness. Food is family.


A note from Beans: 

"Every Sunday we were expected to be at my Grampy, Stu Hart's, house for dinner up in Patterson when I was a kid, with or without my dad in town. It didn't matter who you were, where you were from and what walk in life it took to get there. You just went to eat and everybody was welcome. An invite was never required and there was always enough food. That table ranged from wrestlers from across the world, big, small and tall. There were the homeless who often joined, politicians, local artists, musicians and car salesmen. You name it - they were there. Best of all, so was our family. If you're unfamiliar with the Hart family here's the quick rundown, my dad has 11 siblings and I have upwards of 35+ first cousins. We sat, we ate and we loved. There were also about 30 or so cats running around the house accompanied by a dozen or so dogs. It was never conventional but you were always in the best company. My life was anything but normal, but I wouldn't trade it in for anything because it was always full of love, and food was foundation that brought that love together."




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