The Right Way to Count Calories

way to count calories

The foundation of every healthy workout routine is making your diet perfect. The first step is determining what your regular calorie requirements are. There are many online calculators available to help you determine your everyday calorie need. Few of them are adequate, but most of them oversimplify the equation by relying solely on your age, weight, and gender. If you’re a health nerd, you’ll want to know the suitable statistical method for measuring your regular calorie requirements.

Tips to Find Your Daily Calorie Need

There are a variety of methods for finding the right way to count calories, ensuring that you calculate caloric needs number every day to meet your daily requirements:

  • Make Use of Technological Tools

Don’t depend on memory to remember what you had that day. And if you know what you ate, remembering how much you ate with some level of accuracy is almost impossible. Suppose your diet log is missing or your serving proportions are incorrect. In that case, you are unable to obtain an accurate calorie count.

app for your devices

  • Take Precise Measurements

Even if you believe you have a better understanding of portion sizes, you can weigh and calculate as much as possible. Suppose you have a grilled chicken breast every day. In that case, it’s best to measure it so you can count the calories accurately rather than just remembering that you had one chicken breast. Chicken breasts are not the same size

  • Know the Nutritional Value of The Meals You Eat at Home

You may have a few recipes that you regularly use at home. If that’s the case, it’s worth spending a little more time calculating the total number of calories in the recipe and then calculating the calories each serving and here’s a bonus tip: if you look closely at the calorie count of your recipe, you may want to give it an upgrade to lighten it up.

  • Be Thorough

Don’t neglect to keep track of some treats or nibbles. E.g., you could go out to eat with a mate and decide to miss dessert in order to limit your calorie and fat consumption. Because once you take a fork and enjoy some of the cake of your dining mate, these calories matter.

  • Log Every Day

If you’re going to log in, make it a habit to do so every day. On weekends, so many people leave their food diaries, at which period they may do more harm. Keep note of what you consume during the day (ideally, before you even eat). It’s doubtful that you’ll recall all you consumed if you wait for the end of the day to write it all down. Find a comfortable and straightforward device for you to use every day, whether it is a pen and paper notebook, an online tracker, or even an app for your devices.

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