Hi! I’m Samantha!

I’m the mother of 3 super cool adult children, I’ve been married to William for 25 years and I love my dogs! I eat really healthy about 80% of the time, and the rest of the time I can enjoy a glass of wine, great bread with olive oil and french fries (my junk food of choice). I love to cook! I don’t have six pack abs (never have), and sometimes I tell slightly embarrassing stories during our workouts & cooking shows 🤭. I LOVE to laugh, and never take myself too seriously. I am also SO thankful because at 55I feel as strong as I did in my 25s and I want that for you!

My desire is that Hart Healthy Food helps you reach your goals physically! Here at Hart Healthy Food, you can live with strength, energy, joy, peace & purpose, all while getting a great workout in —that’s why I created this program.

Physical and spiritual health are not separate, they are both very important! I hope you join me in your fitness and faith journey, can’t wait!